Want to attend a beginner student class or summer camp sponsored by our team? 
Wheaton provides a variety of opportunities for young girls who wish to begin learning about the world of competitive baton twirling. For girls with little or no previous twirling experience, we offer local beginner baton twirling classes, which generally meet for five to ten weeks, as well as summer camp sessions.

For more information about local classes or our baton twirling summer camp program contact Juli Duda.

e-mail: zipjld@aol.com | phone: 240-422-6789

Interested in our Girl Scouts one-day workshops and open house events? 
The open house events, featuring baton twirling and other related sports, and the one-day baton workshops are designed for girls ages 4 to 12 with little or no previous twirling experience. These event activities are a fantastic way for Girl Scouts and their friends to spend an afternoon learning about the sport of baton twirling, trying something new, and earning baton twirling participation badges. 

To schedule a workshop, or sign-up for an open house event, please contact Rachel Kark.

e-mail: BT4GS@wheatondancetwirlteams.com
phone: 314-749-0366
To request a flyer, please click here.

Already an experienced twirler? 
If you are interested in becoming a Wheaton team member, please contact the director, Ann Kennedy, or Juli Duda directly:  
Director’s e-mail: Annie10900@aol.com 
Director’s phone: 410-984-7747

Juli’s e-mail: Zipjld@aol.com 
Juli’s phone: 240-422-6789